“A” to “C” NAMES

           Names are in the order published, which is more or less alphabetical. More “C” names are in the next list. This is the last of the “A” & “B” names. One “D” name noted in this list.

(Continued from last week)
Mrs. Harry Allan, Webster City, Iowa.
Viola Abercrombie, Ardock, N.D.
John Anderson, Cyprus, Man.
Harry Andison, East Grand Forks, Dakota.
Thos. Bennett, Havelock, Ont.
Fred Burt, [no address)]
James Byrne, Superior, Wis.
Anges & Minnie Barclay, 40 St. Roch, St., Montreal.
Herb. Briggs, 225 Wilton Ave., Toronto.
Annie Bradford, 584 Langside St., Winnipeg.
Mrs. Geo. Bertrim, Tichborne, Ont.
Mrs. Henry Burke, Oso Station, Ont.
Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Badour, Burridge, Ont.
Pat Byrnes, Dobie, Wis.
Robert Brittle, Harrisville, N.Y.
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Burns, Kenosha, Wis.
John Bower, Edmonton, N.W.T.
Arthur Bower, Edmonton, N.W.T.
J.D. Burns, Whingham, Ont.
Mrs. J. Bywater, 91 D’Arcy St., Toronto.
Mrs. H. Bates, Fort McLeod.
Miss Maggie Bates, Fort McLeod.
Peter Brady, Nairn Centre, Ont.
Frank S. Brandies, 90 St. Herbert St., Montreal.
Geo. Balance, Kemptville Junction.
J.H. Boulton, 105 Main St., Seattle, Wash.
Phyllis Berford, Renfrew, Ont.
W.K. Bothwell, Brockville, Ont.
Edith Bothwell, Metcalf, Ont.
Gaven Carmichael, Portage la Prairie, Man.
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Crandell, Turgoose, B.C.
Joseph Cockfield, 1008 Pacific St., St. Joseph, Mo.
John H. Cameron, c/o Brunswick Hotel, Winnipeg.
Miss Jennie Cameron, c/o Waterworks Office, Brockville.
Charles Carter, St. Agatha P.O., Manitoba.
James Code, Evanston, Wyoming.
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Canton, East Syracuse, N.Y.
Frank Cowie, Morden, Man.
Edith Carbery, 430 Washington St., Hartford, Conn.
Geo. Cunningham, Carleton Place.
John Carroll, 806 DeLorimer Ave., Montreal.
Mrs. Wm. Cornell, 717 E. Alleghany Ave., Philadelphia.
Miss Eva Campbell, Post Graduate Hospital, N.Y.
Rd. Conlon, Eganville, Ont.
Joseph Conway, 226 St. Patrick St., Ottawa.
Father Connolly, Brewer’s Mills.
Miss M. Cameron, 254 Fourth Avenue. [no city].
Miss Orpha Corry, North Gower.
Mrs. Geo. Clement, Deseronto, Ont.
Miss Code, Tweed, Ont.
Fergus Cowie, Mount Forest, Ont.
Robt. Cowie, Mount Forest, Ont.
Col. Checkley, North Augusta.
Walter A. Cunningham, 107 Olivia St., Winnipeg.
Mr. & Mrs. Jno. Clarke, Wapella, Assa.
Mr. & Mrs. James Clarke, Wapella, Assa.
Mr. & Mrs. Alex. Clarke, Wapella, Assa.
H.E. Cairns, 191 Webster Ave., Chicago.
Mrs. J. Clarke, 1499 West Taylor St., Chicago.
Mr. & Mrs. David Coleman, 21 Wickson Ave., Toronto.
Miss Lizzie Couch, 524 Adelaide St., Toronto.
John Cameron, 81 Union Sq., Bay City, Mich.
Mrs. Dr. Cameron, 234 Fourth Ave., Detroit.
A.B. Campbell, 104 Metcalf St., Ottawa.
Jas. Craig, 2058 Carol St., St. Paul, Minn.
Dr. H.B. Chamberlain, Britannia Cove, Trinity Bay., Nfld.
Wm. Campbell, Calgary, N.W.T.
Mrs. Y.M. Cornish, 260 West Dominick St., Rome, N.Y.
Rev. A.G. Cameron, Martintown, Ont.
Hubert J. Cameron, Gorie, Ont.
J.R. Doce, 1 Adelaide St. E., Toronto,
Wm. Cuthbertson, Vancouver.
James Cameron, Thamesville, Ont.
James Cameron, Smith’s Falls.
Dr. Cameron, Carlyle, Assa.
Dr. Cameron, Arnprior.
Garnet Coombs, Prince Albert, Sask.
Mrs. J.R. Campbell, Franktown.
J.A.E. Cameron, Arnprior.
Alex. Cuthbertson, Sarnia.
Mrs. Adam Craig, Calabogie, Ont.
J. Connelly, Molsons Bank, Calgary, Alta.
Blake Connelly, Kingston.
Ed. Cooper, Olean, N.Y.
M.J. Cameron, c/o Dominion Express Co., Montreal.
Wm. Clarke, Prince Albert, Sask.
John Cameron, Prince Albert, Sask.
John Coombs, Prince Albert, Sask.
S.R. Clarke (barrister), Toronto.
Robt. Cummings, Owen Sound.
James Cherrie, Lansing, Mich.
Misses Maggie & Mary Carroll, 2471 St. Catharine St., Montreal.
John Crawford, Hurley, Wis.
Mrs. Malcolm Cameron, Goderich.
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Campbell, Restoule P.O., Parry Sound.
Mr. Camilo Callego, c/o Dr. C. Callego, Valledolid, Spain.
John Closs, Snowflake, Man.
Robert Closs, Prince Albert, N.W.T.
Lorne Campbell, Rossland.
Joseph Cuddy, Brockville.
A.M. Campbell, 70 Gloucester St., Ottawa.
Rev. Alex. Campbell, Stonewall, Man.
Rev. Dr., Robt. Campbell, 68 St. Famille St., Montreal.
John Cavers, Oakville, Ont.
Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Cardiff, John St., Brussels.
Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Cranworth, Pembroke.
Mrs. John Chisholm, 713 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg.
James Cameron, Fisher, Man.
A.G. Campbell, Fort William.
Mrs. A. Cameron, 1334 Kerwin St., St. Paul, Minn.
A. B. Campbell, Edmonton.
Chas. Canwith, Pembroke.
John Campbell, 373 Elgin Ave., Winnipeg.
Hy. Chambers, 24 Dufferin St., Kingston.
Rev. J.J. Connelly, Newboro.
Miss Sarah Cathcart, Newboro.
E.B. Connelly, c/o Canadian & American Ex. Co., Kingston.
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Creamer, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Edward Connelly, No. 400 C.P.R. Stock Yard Hotel, Montreal.
J.M. Campbell, 6400 Parnel Ave., Chicago.
Robt., John, Arthur Caldwell, Underwood P.O., Ont.
Mrs. Matthew Carmichael, Underwood P.O., Ont.
Malcolm Currie, Sincair, Man.
Jno. A. Campbell, Box 467, Duluth, Minn.
Nellie Collins, Omaha, Neb.
D.D. Closs, Okatoks, Alta.
J.P. Campbell, Grand View, Man.
Rev. George Cooper, D.D., Media, Pa.
Mrs. M. Connors, Brockville.
Mrs. P. Carter, Beamsville, Ont.
Caman Curroy, Nossford, Wood Co., Iowa.
Mrs. Thos. Cassidy, Frelicksburg, Quebec.
Lucy Canton, 476 Front Ave, Syracuse, N.Y.