Miss Morris, of Ottawa, is visiting Miss Balderson.
    Mr. and Mrs. Strong are guests with Mrs. Peter Hope.
    Mr. Fred Young, of Ottawa visited his mother over Sunday.
    Miss Mary Hughes, of Ottawa, was in town for a few days.
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baker, of Ottawa, were home for the reunion.
    Miss Mary Carroll, of Montreal, is visiting in town for a few days.
    Mr. Ab. O'Brien, of Ottawa, spent Saturday and Sunday in town.
    Miss Fraser, of Carleton Place, is visiting her aunt Mrs. D. Kippen.
    Mr. John Smith, of Montreal, spent a quiet reunion with his mother.
    Mr. Peter Jackman, of Cobourg, visited friends in town for a few days.
    Mr. Blake Connolly, of Kingston, visited his parents during the reunion.
    Mrs. C.W. Wright, of Kingston, is visiting her brother Mr. J.T. Devlin.
    Mr. D. McEwen, of Tiverton, is visiting with Mr. J.M. McGregor, Balderson.
    Mr. and Mrs. George Kerr, of South Africa, are visiting at Mr. J.A. Kerr's.
    Mrs. Eugene Young and children, of Lanark, are visiting friends in town.
    Mr. George Robinson, of Belleville, visited friends in town on Dominion Day.
    Miss Annie Lee, of Ottawa, visited her mother, Mrs. Edward Lee for the reunion.
    Mr. Lloyd Cuthbertson has gone to Ottawa where he has secured a good position.
    P.C. J.H. Butler, constable at C.A.R. station, Ottawa, was in town for a few days.
    Misses Maggie and Katie Maxwell, of Almonte, spent Saturday and Sunday in town.
    Miss Florence Troy, of Toronto, is spending her holidays with her father, Drummond Street.
    Misses Lillian and Mary Bennett, of Westport, are visiting friends in town for a few days.
    Miss Mary Ferrier, of Kingston, and friend Miss Davie are visiting in Perth and Scotch Line.
    Mr. J.R. Cole, of Toronto, visited Perth and Innisville at reunion time after an absence of six years.
    Mr. Edwin Miller, of New York, is visiting at his home in Bathurst. He also attended the reunion.
    Mrs. Primeau, of Peterboro, and Miss Primeau, of Ottawa, were guests of Mrs. Langton at reunion time.
    Mr. George Farmer left on Monday for Farnham, Que., where he has secured a situation with the C.P.R.
    Mrs Towner, of Chicago (nee Olive Conlon, of Glen Tay), was an interested visitor in Perth at reunion time.
    Mr. Lorne J. Sheridan, of the Mail Job Office, Toronto, a graduate of the Courier office, spent a few days in town this week.
    Mr. Morrison, of Stratford, succeeds Mr. Drury as teller in the Bank of Montreal here. The latter has been moved to Sydney, N.S.
    Mr. and Mrs Thos. Gibbons and family, of Brockville, and Mr. G. Brown, of Peterboro, were guests of Mrs. W.L. Ferrier at reunion.
    Mr. McLaren, of Ormstown, Que., and son, took in the Old Boys' sights and scenes on their way to visit friends in Lanark and vicinity.
    Mrs. St. George and the Misses Lillian, Daisy and Pearl St. George, of Ottawa, were the guests of Mrs. Tovey, North Street, during the reunion.
    Mr. Robert Miller, of Chesley, Ont., down to the Perth Old Boys' Reunion, after an absence of 37 years, called on his sister here, Mrs. Bridget, this week. -- Almonte Gazette.
    Misses Evelyn MacIlquham and Isabel Warren, of Balderson, have returned home after spending a very enjoyable visit with friends in Ottawa and Aylmer, Quebec.
    Miss Jennie Cameron, of Brockville, was in town for the reunion and a sad reunion it was for her. She went on to Peterboro on Wednesday with the remains of her brother. [See Obituary].
    Miss Benson, of Perth, has left for a few weeks' holidays to be spent at "Ostend Lodge," Grimsby Park, Ont., Rev. Dr. Benson's cottage home, on the south shore of Lake Ontario.
    During the reunion, Mr. M. O'Meara, Toronto ; Miss O'Meara, trained nurse, Toronto, and her sister, Miss Sadie O'Meara, Lombardy, visited Mr. and Mrs. James O'Meara, Drummond.
    Mr. Stewart G. Wright, barrister, Dauphin, Man., son of the late Mr. H.B. Wright, came with his wife, a Chesterville young lady, to the reunion.
    Mr. and Mrs. W.J. McAdam, of Keewatin, Western Ontario, and Mr. and Mrs. Allan McAdam, of Almonte, were among the welcome visitors to their old town. The first mentioned will remain east for some weeks.
    Mrs. Edward Hudson, of Chicago, came with the contingent of that city to revisit the old town on this gala occasion. She was the guest of her brother, Mr. James Tovey, Bathurst, and of her sister, Mrs. M. Drennan, town.
    Mr. and Mrs. John Gibson, of Lammermoor, were among the visitors to town at the reunion, and took in the special church services at Knox Church on Sunday. They also took a run out to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Brownlee, 5th line Bathurst.
    Mr. W.J. Robertson, mathematical master of the St. Catharines Collegiate Institute, brother of Mr. Hugh Robertson, of this town, was another Old Timer who came to revisit his old home. He is quite a writer on social, educational and political questions.