Mr. Gordon Hall spent his holidays in town.
    Mr. John Tait, of Clyde Forks, is visiting friends in town.
    Miss Jessie McCullough is home for her vacation.
    Miss Mamie Jackson has returned home from Toronto.
    Miss Cora Hughes, of Chicago, is visiting friends in town.
    Miss Rose Fleck, of Ottawa, is visiting at Mrs. Wm. Grant's.
    Mr. and Mrs. James Hanna, of Toronto, are here for the Old Boys' Reunion.
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nicoll, of Pittsburgh, Pa., are holidaying in town.
    Mrs. Charles Sullivan and family, of Buffalo, are visiting friends in town.
    Mrs. Jackson, of Gananoque, is visiting her father Mr. J.F. Kennedy.
    Mrs. J.C. Mitchell, of Myers' Cave, is in town for the Old Boys' Reunion.
    Miss Carrie T. McKerracher, of Lynn, Mass., is visiting her parents in town.
    Mr. Chris. Forbes, of Lanark, left for Temagami on Monday of last week.
    Mrs. Bishop and Miss Sibbitt, of Brantford, are visiting at Mr. Geo. Finlay's.
    Mr. and Mrs. George Lister, of Winnipeg, are visiting at Mr. Andrew Lister's.
    Mrs. Shaw, with her little daughter Rhona, is visiting her mother Mrs. Hy. Taylor.
    Miss Elizabeth Noonan, of Utica. N.Y., accompanied by Miss Esther Retzer, is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Noonan.
    Sergt. G.A. Noonan, Harper, left on Monday last for Rockliffe Camp, Ottawa, to join his regiment, the 5th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards.
    Miss Jennie Cumming, of Perth, who has been visiting her friend, Mrs. J.D. Easton, for several days, leaves this week for Buffalo, N.Y. -- Lanark Era.
    Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, of Winnipeg, and Mrs. Thomas Andrews, of McLeod, N.W.T., are in Perth for the Old Boys' Reunion, and are stopping with Mrs. Hugh Robertson.
    Mr. D.S. Pratt, a prominent coal and lumber merchant, of Midland, Ont., was visiting his sister Mrs. A. Johnston in town this week, on his return from business with the Railway Commission at Ottawa.