“Old Home Week” is here and our streets are dotted with our Old Boys and Girls. Mr. Rowatt, of Manotick, it is said, was the first to arrive, having come last Tuesday and by the end of last week there were half a dozen in town. More arrived on Monday and on the expresses on Tuesday full a hundred came. Excursion rates they could not wait for. The bulk of the visitors will arrive on Friday and Saturday. Those who have arrived are in the hands of their friends and Perth’s pleasures are being set up for their entertainment.
           “Old Home Week” strikes a vibrant chord; the reverie is best told by the poet:
“Old Home Week” — what happy thoughts
The very words inspire:
From the old folks to the little tots
We’ll don holiday attire.
We’ll decorate the good, old town
With flags and bunting gay,
And — happy, care free — up and down
The streets we’ll stroll each day.
But best of all, “Home Week” will bring
The “Wanderers” back again;
We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll sing —
Not tongue or facile pen
Can half express our great delight
As they come from far and near,
And from incoming trains alight
‘Mid “childhood’s scenes” so dear.
           The official programme is now issued and copies of same may be had on application from the officers of the association or the newspaper offices.
           Visiting Old Boys and Girls welcomed on their arrival by the Citizens’ committee, friends and music from the bands. The ladies of Perth will be “At Home” in the rink to those arriving on afternoon and evening trains on Friday. A special reception is arranged for the Ottawa contingent and others who arrive on the nine o’clock. Old Boys and Girls are requested to register at the rink, where they will receive badges which will entitle them to all the privileges of the programme.
           The thirty-eighth birthday of the Dominion will be ushered in in Perth by the firing of twenty-one guns. A mammoth demonstration will take place at ten o’clock. Immediately following this there will be aquatic sports on the basin. In the afternoon at the Athletic and Driving Park, the bill of fare will consist of horse races, baseball match and caledonian games. The evening will be Venetian night in Perth, with fireworks in abundance.
           The various denominations in town will hold special services, and a cordial invitation is extended to all visitors.
           Games and sports of various kinds will be provided for the visitors. Old Boys will form excursion parties to go to Otty Lake, Christie’s Lake, Mississippi Lake, Rideau Ferry and all other attractive points close to Perth. Visitors will be given a sail by yachts down the sinuous Tay, through the canal locks and over the far-famed Rideau Lakes, passing through some of Canada’s choicest scenery.
           A continuous programme along similar lines for all who can prolong their visit.
           Those who are taking part in the carnival parade on July 1st will meet at the skating rink corner whence the procession will start. The floats will line up on Beckwith Street on either side of the rink and not on Herriott Street as this street must be kept open for traffic. The bugle for advance will blow at or about 9 a.m. All are invited to take part.
           The route will be from the rink up Herriott to Drummond, along Drummond to D’Arcy, along D’Arcy to Wilson, along Wilson to Foster, to Gore, out Gore to Brock to Drummond, along Drummond to Merchants Bank where it will disband.
           For information apply to A.W. Goodman, J.T. Devlin or H.T. Noonan.
           The Ladies’ Reception Committee of the Perth Old Boys’ Reunion would like all the ladies who volunteered to assist Friday or Saturday morning to be on hand at the time promised. Also, those who volunteered assistance on the arrival of trains to be sure and have their waiters come early to learn what their duties are and avoid if possible any confusion when guests arrive. The rink will be open on Friday morning at eight o’clock and Saturday at nine with someone in charge to receive donations promised.
           Use plenty of flags, bunting and lanterns in your decorations.
           The hotels are preparing to handle the big crowds for the reunion days.
           Crews from Carleton Place and Smith’s Falls will be present to compete for the prize of $25 in the war canoe race to be run on the basin Saturday morning.
           Several race horses are quartered at the stables on the athletic park.
           The days of forty years ago were lived over more than once the past few days when home-comers met the friends of their youth.