Another week nearer reunion time, and still the names are pouring in by the hundreds a week. On Saturday Secretary Stone received good and cheering news if somewhat belated. It is to the effect that the C.P.R. and C.N.R. have decided to give single fares from all points in Manitoba and the North-West Territories for the Perth’s Old Boys’ Reunion. Courier subscribers living in the West will please note the conditions farther on in this article.
           The farmers who wish to contribute necessary supplies for the refreshment tables at the reception to be held in connection with the reunion should make their intention known to any of the members of the committee or word may be left at this office. Butter, milk, ham, cream, etc.
           Mr. P.M. MacTavish, of Montreal, addresses the following communication to the editor of the Courier :
           “As a former resident of Perth, I take a keen interest in all the concerns of the good old town and the weekly visit of the Courier is greatly appreciated. Having lived in Perth for several years and attended the High school for a considerable time, I was acquainted more or less intimately with quite a large number of the ‘boys’ as well as the professional and business men of the time.
           I am much interested in the list of names of old Perthites published from week to week in the Courier and as I am sure you desire to have the list as complete as possible you will pardon me if I draw your attention to what I conceive to be an oversight. I have not noticed the names of any of the school teachers. I may mention John McLean Bell, R.T. Livingston, Mr. McDowall, Rev. Mr McClure and Mr. Burke, all of whom except Mr. Bell were my teachers; also Mr. Manion, of the Separate school, all of whom (if living) may as fairly be counted as Perthites as many whose names have been published.
           “Hoping to have the pleasure of being present at the approaching reunion.”
           The Courier understands that all or nearly all of the masters mentioned have joined the reunion in the Beyond.
           An important thing for old boys and girls to consider is the way to buy your ticket home to Perth, and the following directions are given :
           In buying your ticket covering the territory through which the lines of railway run, ask the ticket agent for a single fare ticket to Perth, and a standard certificate as a member of the Perth Old Boys’ Reunion Convention. Be sure you get a certificate, as you cannot avail yourself of the reduced rates unless you do. If you travel over more than one line, it will be necessary for you to get a standard certificate each time you buy a ticket. When you arrive in Perth your certificate or certificates must be signed by the secretary, C.F. Stone, and on presentation of the signed certificate to the ticket agent you will receive a return ticket free if more than 300 attend, and for one-third fare if less than 300 attend. From assurances already to hand the committee are certain that the 300 limit will be greatly exceeded. Tickets may be purchased from June 26th to July 1st, inclusive, and will be good for return up to and including July 6th.
           Parties from the United States can purchase their tickets at summer excursion rates to the station nearest them in Ontario to which the reduced rate applies, and can get tickets there at the reduced rate, good June 26th to July 6th, inclusive.
           From Manitoba and the North-West Territories tickets are good leaving by C.P.R. June 24th and returning up to July 17th. On the Canadian Northern Railway the same time limit prevails but an excursion train leaves Winnipeg June 26th. Parties living on branch lines of this road, however, will be allowed an extra time limit so as to bring them to Winnipeg on the date mentioned.
           In getting your ticket procure it in exactly the same manner as outlined above and be sure to get your standard certificate from the ticket agent when purchasing your one-way full-fare ticket; which certificate will enable you to return free along the lines set forth above. Your ticket agent will be able to give you any further information that you may wish.
           But in any case be sure and get a standard certificate.