In about a month’s time Perth’s Old Boys’ Reunion will be in full swing. The various committees have their undertakings well under way and they promise the best time to both home and absent members of Perth they ever had. On Friday evening last the reception committee got into preliminary action and apportioned its work. It was deemed advisable to divide the reception committee into a number of separate committees and it will be the duty of these members to be at the trains set out for them, and of course as many more as can be present.
           Messrs. W.B. Hart, G.E. Armstrong and Capt. Matheson were appointed a committee to make arrangements for the reception to be held in the Rink building, the ladies to be associated with them in this matter being Mrs. James Gemmell-Allan, Mrs. Geo. Rogers and Mrs. David Hogg. The same gentlemen are authorized to arrange for any extra accommodation that they may think necessary. Messrs. J.M. Rogers, E.G. Malloch and Hy. Taylor were deputed to invite old Perthites to address the assemblage at the reception to be held, as it is the intention to have short addresses by a number of Old Perthites who come home for the Reunion.
           Mr. E.D. Lowe, of Ottawa, writes the Courier regarding the Perth Old Boys’ Association they have formed in Ottawa. He says:
           “We were pleased to see that you gave us a notice in your paper. We have everything going in fine shape. Held a large meeting last night (May 15th) and engaged two bands to accompany us, and I think it will be a novelty for Perth, inasmuch as it will be something new for the old town. We have broken away from the conventional brass band, and will have with us the Highland band with five pipers and three drums. Along with these we expect to have a couple of Highland dancers, with which we expect to stir up the Scotch blood of the old town. Then we will have the Governor-General’s Foot Guards bugle band of 22 men. They are also a novelty as they play alternately with the bugles and fifes. We expect to have between 400 and 500 from here. Our officers are: Fred Lee, president; J.A. Laurie, treasurer, and E.D. Lowe, secretary.