There was a good attendance of citizens at the Perth Old Boys’ meeting in the Council chamber on Tuesday evening, when the general committee’s reports as to dates, programme, officers, general information, etcetera, was presented for approval and adoption.
           The committee recommended that the dates be June 29 and 30th and July 1st, and the programme as outlined in last week’s Courier. The following officers and committees were appointed:
Hon. president — Hon. John Haggart, M.P.
Hon. vice-presidents — Lt. Col. Matheson, T.A. Code, Esq., and Mayor J.A. Stewart.
President — J.A. Allan.
Treasurer — J.F. Kellock.
Secretary — C.F. Stone.
Reception committee — Messrs. J.A. Allan, E.G. Malloch, J.M. Rogers, R.J. Drummond, D. Kippen, W.B. Hart, G.E. Armstrong, Henry Taylor, P. Hope, A.B. Rudd, Neil Nicoll, G.B. Farmer, N. McLenaghan, J.F. Kennedy, D. Hogg, the hon. president and the hon. vice-presidents.
Local executive and finance — Messrs. J. A. Allan, J.F. Kellock, C.J. Foy, Dr. Mitchell, W.J. McKerracher, Robert Armour, H.M. Shaw.
Printing and invitation — The secretary and Messrs. W.P. McEwen and N.G. Dickson.
Games — Messrs. J.A. [Rose?], A.W. [Gxxxman?], C.J. Foy, Dr. Mitchell, Mayor Stewart, O.N. Leslie, C.J. Sewell, H.T. Noonan, T.A. Wright, N. Nicoll, D. Noonan, W.B. Hart, J.E. deHertel, and A.T. Wilson.
Decorations — Messrs. W.J. McKerracher, Dr. Beeman, J.V. Watson, John Bond, G.S. James, F.L. Hall, G.W. Thompson, M.L. Lapoint and A. Kippen.
Transportation — Messrs. J.A. Kerr, Hon. John Haggart, P.J. Hogan, W.B. Hart, J.F. Kellock and James Allan.
           A letter was read from a Perth old boy stating that the date would not be acceptable to civil servants, judges, lawyers and teachers.
           The dates were freely discussed and although they were admitted to be very good, the majority of the meeting thought that it would be better to give them a little more consideration, and accordingly the report on dates was referred back to the committee. The other reports were adopted.