An enthusiastic meeting of the committee, appointed a month ago to further old boys’ reunion plans, was held in the Council chamber Monday evening, and considerable business transacted. There were present Messrs. C.J. Foy (in the chair), Secretary Stone, Peter Hope, J.A. Kerr, Dr. Mitchell, N.G. Dickson, J.A. Allen, Robert Armour, Henry Taylor, W.B. Hart, A.W. Goodman, R.J. Drummond, Charles Meighen, David Hogg and Dr. Kennedy.
           The secretary read a couple of letters from secretaries of similar organizations in other places, containing information as to the conduct of the reunion.
           The machinery details of the affair were discussed at length. It was felt that to make the reunion a success it would require $1,000, and strong committees were appointed to canvas for subscriptions. They are as follows:
No. 1 — Messrs. Foy and Kerr.
No. 2 — Messrs. Stone and J. Kane.
No. 3 — Mr. W.B. Hart and Dr. Beeman.
No. 4 — Mayor Stewart and Mr. Goodman.
No. 5 — Messrs. J.A. Allan and Hope.
No. 6 — Dr. Mitchell and Mr. W.J. McKerracher.
           The following committee was appointed to draft out a provisional programme: Messrs. Foy, Kerr, Stone, Stewart, Goodman and Mitchell.
           The original committee will meet again next Tuesday night to receive the reports of the sub-committees, when the reunion plan will be advanced another stage.