The suggestion broached in many quarters the past few weeks to hold an Old Boys’ reunion in Perth next year was advanced a stage Tuesday evening when a preliminary meeting was held in the Town Council chamber. There were present Messrs. C.J. Foy, J.A. Kerr, W.J. McKerracher, G.B. Farmer, D. Kippen, Henry Taylor, John Code, W.J. Rabb, Chas. Foote, Peter Hope, J.F. Kellock, C.F. Stone, W.A. McLaren, Geo. E. Armstrong, Robert Armour, T. Wright, N. Nicoll, W.B. Hart, B.G. Devlin, Dr. Mitchell, Col. Matheson, and others.
           Col Matheson was nominated to the chair and stated that he had been thinking over the idea of holding an Old Boys’ reunion and he thought it a good one. He would suggest the date as 1st of July next. He outlined in a general way what the citizens would have to do in arranging the reunion.
           Mr. Duncan Kippen, postmaster, said he believed the reunion would draw a number from outside points. A strong committee should be appointed to gather information about the subject and report at a later meeting. A good deal of the early history of the town had been lost. James Bell, Thomas Brooks, Duncan McDonald, James Duncan, Robert McLeod had all died and left no record of Perth’s early days behind them.
           Mr. John A. Kerr, town clerk, said the only thing he could suggest was this motion : That in the opinion of this assembly it is desirous of holding an Old Boys’ reunion in Perth some time in 1905.
           Mr. W.A. McLaren seconded the motion which carried unanimously.
           Mr. C.F. Stone, was elected secretary and the following general committee was appointed to work out the details for the reunion : — Messrs. C.J. Foy, J.A. Kerr, W.J. McKerracher, N.G. Dickson, Dr. Mitchell, Mayor Stewart, A.W. Goodman, G.E. Armstrong, J.A. Allan, P. Hope, T.A. Code, W.B. Hart, Henry Taylor, R. Armour and J.F. Kellock.
           Another meeting will be held shortly to receive the report of the general committee.