Bank Manager a Hero.
           Mr. W.S. Connolly, manager of the Molsons Bank at Morrisburg, formerly of Smith’s Falls, was the means of saving four persons from a watery grave on the evening of June 19th. J.A. Buchanan, commercial master in the Collegiate Institute, accompanied by three boys about twelve years of age were out sailing. They struck a swift current and the sail shifted, capsizing the boat and throwing the occupants into the water. All four managed to get hold of the upturned skiff and were carried down the river. The boys lost their hold many times but succeeded in swimming back to the boat. Their cries for help were heard by Mr. Connolly who was on the river with his family. Quickly taking the latter to shore he put out to the rescue, and succeeded in getting all four into his boat just in time as the boys were nearly exhausted. — Record.
A Relic of 1812.
           The frame of one of the old British warships sunk in Dead Man’s Bay close to Kingston in 1812 has been discovered by Major E.V.O. Hewitt, of the Royal Military College, while out boating. Dead Man’s Bay is just a little east of Fort Henry, and close to the summer residence of Sir Richard Cartwright on the St. Lawrence. The remnant of the sunken vessel had moved during the winter several hundred feet towards the north channel of the river, and if it continues to move it will be a menace to the light draught boats which use the channel on the side of Cedar Island. For the safety of vessels it will be necessary to have the spot buoyed. Major Hewitt found the timber of the old warship to be well preserved.
           Miss Janet Elliott, of Elmsley South, died on Saturday, aged 84 years.
           There was a meeting of presbytery in Arnprior, the occasion being the induction of Rev. Mr. Peck. Rev. W. McDonald, of Lanark, took part in the services, preaching the sermon in connection therewith.