POLICE MAGISTRATE. — Mr. E.W. Smith, J. P., of Almonte, has been appointed police magistrate of his town.
For ladies’ and gents’ fine boots call and see us. — R. W. Croskery.
ORANGEMEN. — The Orangemen of the district will attend divine service in St. Andrew’s Church on Sunday evening.
PERTH CHEESE MARKET. — 2,200 white cheese were brought into the cheese market on Friday ; all sold ; ruling price 9½c.
ASSOCIATE CORONER. — Dr. A.A. Metcalfe, of Almonte, has been appointed associate coroner for the county of Lanark.
MISSION OF MABERLY AND BATHURST. — Services on Sunday next as follows, Bathurst 10:30 a.m., Rokeby 2:30 p.m., Maberly 7 p.m.
BRIDES AND BRIDES-ELECT. — The Courier has now on hand several samples of wedding cake boxes. Orders promptly filled. Prices are right. Call and see them.
SHOT IN THE LEG. — George McCallum, eldest son of Dr. McCallum, of Smith’s Falls, was shot in the leg on Sunday evening at his parents’ summer cottage on the Rideau.
WOOL WANTED. — We are paying the highest price in cash for any quantity of good clean wool. — Shaw & McKerracher. Tweeds, yard and blankets in exchange.
KNOX CHURCH. — Rev. Hugh Leitch, of Gordon Church, Glengarry, the church made famous by Ralph Connor, in his “Man from Glengarry,” will preach in Knox Church on Sunday.
HORSES WANTED. — Mr. P. Decarie, of Montreal, will be at the Allan House, Perth, on Friday and Saturday of this week to buy a carload of horses, low-priced cheap grade preferred.
The Courier will be sent to any address in Canada or the United States from now until the end of the year for 85 cents.
A GROWING PAPER. — The Star-Enterprise, of Eganville, completed another year of publication last week. The paper was launched twenty seven years ago and is a growing young man.
REGIMENTAL ORDERS. — 42nd Lanark and Renfrew Regiment — Provisional Lieutenant W. Boucher is permitted to retire. Major G. Williams, quartermaster, is permitted to resign his commission and is appointed quartermaster with the honorary rank of captain. Capt. H.H. Cole is transferred to the corps reserve.
SPECIALLY LARGE BERRIES. — The Courier was favored on Tuesday with three fine boxes of choice strawberries from Mr. W.R. Scott, Allan’s Mills. Every berry in the three boxes was larger than the average one. The berry is very sweet and the pulp in splendid condition.
Are you going to take a trip this summer? If you want a nice suit case, a trunk or valise, call and see us. — R.W. Croskery.
A CLEVER LOCAL ARTIST. — In Mr. Geo. Glossop, the town has a clever local artist. Some of his work appeared in the Old Boys edition of the Courier last week and was a credit to himself and this journal. There is a good and bright future for him, for the big dailies and magazines are after artists with ideas.
Why take the trouble of wrapping and posting the Courier to your friends when we will do it all for one dollar a year delivered to almost any part of the world ?
KILLED ON THE TRACK. — The three-year old baby boy of Mr. Daniel Lane, Smith’s Falls, wandered on to the track on Sunday afternoon and was killed by a freight-train. Fireman George Lowe threw himself out of the cab window, clambered on to the cowcatcher and reached out to grab the little chap but his brave attempt was not successful.
See our gents’ patent Blucher bals., tan Blucher bals., gongola bals. and gaiters, box calf bals. — R.W. Croskery.
OTTAWA ANGLICAN SYNOD. — At the meeting of synod on Tuesday last, the following motion was passed : “That this synod offers its heartiest congratulations to two of its members, Hon. J.P. Whitney and Hon. A.J. Matheson, upon the responsible position to which they have been called in the Government of this province.” In reply, Col. Matheson regretted the enforced absence of his leader. He recognized of course, that this resolution was a personal one, and he thanked the members of the synod for their kindly expressed congratulations.
STRAWBERRIES AND THE COURIER. — It is a well-known fact in this section of the county that the Courier staff are partial to strawberries, and within the last week when we were in the midst of a busy season on the hot days several remembrances were made us at a most desirable period. Mr. W.R. Scott, of Allan’s Mills, called on Thursday when we were hard at the Old Boys’ paper, and the effect was wonderful. How those papers and strawberries disappeared ! On Monday Messrs. Harvey Miller and R.G. Miller, 3rd line of Bathurst, left us sample boxes, and the aftermath of a busy reunion was forgotten in the taste of refreshing fruit.
The Courier and Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal — to new subscribers — from now until January 1st, 1906, only 60 cents. Subscribe now. The Family Herald and Weekly Star may be had for 25c from now until the New Year.
AN IMPORTANT DECISION. — Judge Reynolds, of Brockville, has given an important decision on a clause of the new assessment act. The new act says that machinery shall be assessed as part of the real estate, but exempts fixed machinery used for manufacturing purposes. James Cummings, of Lyn, who owns a large mill property, appealed against his business assessment, which is based on the real estate value, the assessors having placed the machinery as part of the real estate. The judge decided that fixed machinery meant any machinery being permanently used for milling purposes, and consequently his milling machinery was exempt. This judgment is very important to manufacturers.
AN APPOINTMENT. — Colonel Matheson, Provincial Treasurer, has completed arrangements with the Department of Indian Affairs for joint representation on the commission which has been appointed to make a treaty with Indians north of the height of land and east of the territory […unclear…] No. 3. Mr. D.G. McMartin, of Perth, will act for the province, the Dominion representatives being Messrs. Scott and Stewart. The party left on Friday for Dinornic, near Kenora, where officials of the Hudson’s Bay Company will take hold of them and transport them to their destination. They will cross to the Albany River, descend the Albany to James Bay and go thence to Moose Factory and South to Abitibi, from there returning to North Bay. From the last named place they will go west to Biscotasing and from there to points northward. In a general way the Dominion and Ontario Governments have agreed upon the terms to be given to the Indians. The territory affected amounts to about 30,000 square miles, and the aborigines number about 2,500 to 3,000. Mr. McMartin will be almost four months.
PROMOTED. — Mr. Gordon Hall has been promoted to the Montreal office from Brockville of the Bank of Montreal.
INDEPENDENT ORDER OF FORRESTERS. — A special meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 11th, at 8 o’clock at the court room when matters of importance will be brought before your notice. A full attendance is requested. — A.M.B. Kennedy, C.R.
OATS WANTED. — We are prepared to buy any quantity of good, clean, white oats for which we will pay the highest price the markets warrant. We are always ready to buy whether we advertise it or not. — Arthur Meighen & Bros.
Are you going to take a trip this summer? If you want a nice suit case, a trunk or valise, call and see us. — R.. W. Croskery.