BURNS — In Lanark Township, on Monday, June 19th, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Burns, a son (stillborn). CAMERON — In Drummond, on Tuesday, June 20th, to Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Cameron, a son. CARDINAL — At Brightside, on Friday, June 9th, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cardinal, a daughter. HAYDON — At Ottawa, on Friday, June 16th, to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Haydon, a daughter. McFARLANE — In Drummond, on Tuesday, June 13th, to Mr. and Mrs. George McFarlane, a daughter.
CORNELIUS – McKINNON — At Mississippi, Ont., on June 19th, 1905, at the residence of the bride’s parents. White House Lawn, Mississippi, James Cornelius, of Kingston, to Annie McKinnon, of Mississippi. CLARKE – SAMWELL — At Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa, on June 13th, 1905, by his Lordship the Bishop of Ottawa. Rev. Charles Franklin Clarke, of Maberly, to Jane Dickson Foster Samwell, widow of the late Rev. Robert Walter Samwell, formerly of Wales. LITTLE – CHAPPLE — At Lavant, on Wednesday, June 28th, by Rev. W.W. Guy, F.E. Little, Folger Station, to Miss Chapple, Lavant road. MILLER – PARK — At Winnipeg, Man., on Friday, June 16th, by the Rev. H.G. Gunn, Edward Miller, of Rainy River, formerly of Lanark, to Clara J. Park, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Park, Watson’s Corners. MILLER – CLEMENT — On Wednesday, June 28th, by the Rev. W.A. Guy, at the residence of the bride’s father, Elphin, Robert Miller, of Dalhousie, to Lena, second daughter of Mr. Simon Clement. MITCHELL – LINGENFELTER — On Tuesday, June 27th, 1905, by the Rev. Dr. Smith, of Carlton Street Church, Toronto, Anna Lingenfelter, of Toronto, to William James Mitchell, of Perth. McINTYRE – GILMORE — On Wednesday, June 28th, by the Rev. W.A. Guy, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Elphin, Alex. McIntyre to Annie, eldest daughter of Mr. William Gilmore. McPARLAND – McCANN — In St. Edward’s Church, Westport, by Father O’Rourke, on Wednesday, June 21st, Francis J. McParland, of Burgess, to Monica, daughter of Mr. Patrick McCann, of Westport.
GARDNER — At McDonald’s Corners, on Monday, June 25th, William Gardner, aged 64 years. SHERWOOD — In Elmsdale, on Sunday, June 25th, Mary Gould, wife of Mr. James Sherwood.