Farm for Sale.
           The east half of lot No. 23 in the 7th con. of the Township of Bathurst (one mile from Balderson), containing 100 acres more or less. Farm is well fenced and in good state of cultivation. On the premises are a good stone dwelling house, barn 40x90 ft., byre, silo and other outbuildings and also a good orchard. Also east half of lot No. 10 in the 9th con. For further particulars apply on the premises to
RICHARD WARREN, Balderson P.O., Ont.

Public Notice.
           Notice is hereby given that the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Township of North Burgess will at their next meeting of Council, the 5th day of August, pass a By law closing up the road known as the Island Swamp Road, passing through the rear corner of lot 14 in the 6th concession and the rear of lot 13 in the 6th concession and the front corner of lot 13 in the 7th concession, and in lieu thereof, opening up a road passing through the rear corners of lots 13 and 14 in the 6th concession, and the front of lot 13 in the 7th concession, all in the Township of North Burgess.
Dated this 15th day of June, 1905.
R.T. NOONAN, Township Clerk.

Farm for Sale.
           The undersigned offers for sale his farm, being lot No. 30, in the 9th concession of North Elmsley, containing 200 acres, two miles from Perth, on which are erected a fine stone house and barns and stables, cowbyre, etc., complete in every particular. 80 acres in a first class state of cultivation; 50 acres in hardwood and 20 acres soft wood bush; and the balance in good pasture land. In addition there are 30 acres of good pasture land, on which there is a good limestone quarry.
           This is one of the cleanest, well-drained and well-fenced farms in the neighborhood of Perth and is a good chance for a competent farmer. Apply to

Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter of the Estate of Thomas Kean, late of the Township of Elmsley North, in the County of Lanark, Yeoman, deceased.
           Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Revised Statues of Ontario, 1897, chap. 129 and amending Acts, that all persons having claims against the estate of the said Thomas Kean, who died on or about the sixteenth day of May A.D. 1905 are hereby required to send by post, prepaid, or delivery to F.W. Hall, Perth, solicitor for William Kean, the administrator of the property of the said deceased, on or before the 3rd day of July A.D. 1905, their names, addresses and descriptions and full particulars of their claims and of the security, if any, held by them, duly certified.
           And that after the said 3rd day of July A.D. 1905, the said administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which he shall then have notice, and that he will not be liable for the assets so administered, or any part thereof, to any person or persons of whose claims they shall not then have notice.

Solicitor for Administrator.
Dated at Perth this 2nd day of June A.D. 1905. 

Old Perth Bowler.
           The Toronto News makes a special notice to the finals in the consolation at the annual tournament of Granite Lawn Bowling Club of Toronto, when Mr. J.R. Code, an old Perth boy, skipped the Caer-Howell rink to victory. The paper says the victorious players made a runaway game of it. The score was 20 to 12.

           The King of Siam has authorized a loan of $5,000,000 chiefly to be used for the construction of new railways, ports, etc.

           The Arabian coffee crop is said to be of extraordinary fine quality this season. Many merchants from England have arrived at Aden.

           H.M.S. Wye recently landed at Sheerness thirteen turtles, each weighing about five hundredweight. Several were forwarded to King Edward.

           Mary Ann Burrows, widow of the late John Tierney, of Nepean Township, died in the Water Street Hospital, Ottawa, on June 16, aged 56 years.

           A stock list is being circulated to form a company for the erection of a new rink in Pembroke, under the name of the "Pembroke Rink and Athletic Association," with a capital of $20,000 in 2,000 shares of $10 each.

           An actor named Catela, who plays a villain's part in a Paris theatre, murdered a woman in the way of business the other night, and on his way home from the theatre was attacked and stabbed by four youths who had witnessed his atrocious deed from the gallery. He was not seriously hurt, but had to be taken to a hospital.