These items were transcribed because they happened to be published alongside the “Old Perthites” list of names.

T.B. Caldwell, M.P., has added the chestnut Volta to his stables. John Miller has purchased a strip of land fronting on the unopened portion of George Street from Mr. John A. Watt. On the property there is a stable which will be used as such, while his old one will be converted into a storehouse. Thos. Duncan is having a few improvements and alterations made to his home at McDonald’s Corners. The work is being done by Mr. Adam McFarlane, of this place. The Bohemians picnicked at Sal’s on Victoria Day. The Lanark baseball nine were disappointed in not being closed with for a baseball game in Smith’s Falls on Victoria Day. Smith’s Falls doubtless had both teams on the string, both accepted — Perth first — which would explain Smith’s Falls seeming discourtesy. Rev. and Mrs. H.L. Nicholls, for two years and a half occupants of the Baptist manse, Lanark, left for Toronto on Friday last. They will go to Cannington. Dr. Scott and Geo. J. Hunt, than whom there is none more ardent for sport, left last Monday for a week’s outing to Algonquin Park and the crystal stream home of the trout. William Trail, his wife, and son Howard, and Mrs. Thomas King met with a serious accident in a runaway while returning from Tatlock.
Sharbot Lake.
(Held over from last week.)
Thompson & Avery intend starting their sawmill this week, which will be quite an addition to the business of the village. Mr. M. Long and his gang of men have gone up to Tweed ballasting the C.P.R. track there. The people of this village had quite a day of sport on Victoria Day. Mountain Grove and Sharbot Lake played a matched game of baseball, after which the young people of the village held a picnic on one of the islands. Archbishop Carey has been visiting the Rev. Mr. Smith this week. Mr. Robert Gilbert has returned home for a visit after an absence of nearly two years. Miss Steel and Mrs. Wm. Warick are visiting at the homes of Mrs. Papa and Mr. Robert Blakely. Mrs. (Archbishop) Carey is at the Lake, spending a few weeks holidays. Mr. Sidney Warick, of Watertown, N.Y., is visiting his friends here. Miss Jennie Lewis has gone on an extended visit to Alberta, N.W.T. Mrs. Hamilton is spending a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Mallet, at the station. Miss Maud Botteril has gone to North Bay.
(Held over from last week.)
A new shop has been started in Hopetown. Mr. A. McDougall, the landlord of our wayside inn, has started a carpenter shop in the spacious basement of the stopping place. Empire Day was duly celebrated in our Public school last Tuesday. Among the many interesting numbers were a chorus by the school glee club, recitations by Misses Mary Boyle and Addie Stead and Master Willie Knowles, and a very instructive lecture by the Rev. Mr. Page, of Middleville. Miss Emily Elliott, of White, has come to Hopetown to lean dressmaking with Miss Gunn, our dressmaker. Mr. Jack Molyneaux visited friends in Middleville last week — the cross roads are good now. We of Hopetown smelt smoke the other day — some of the wise heads think it was from the new railway. Miss Bessie Stewart is visiting her aunt, Mrs. McIlquham, of Carleton Place. The assistant cheesemaker, Mr. Byron, has arrived from his home hear Almonte, and things in the factory are running in good shape. The noble game of association football has begun here. May it boom.
McDonald’s Corners.
(Held over from last week.)
On Wednesday, 17th inst., a quiet home wedding took place at Alex. Ferguson‘s 2nd concession of North Sherbrooke, when his eldest daughter, Maggie Ethel, was united in marriage to Duncan Ferguson, of the Highland Line. William Balfour, Snow Road, died on Saturday last, 20th. inst., after a prolonged illness. Deceased was in his 43rd year, the only male support of the family, in the home and out of it known to be bright and genial. His death leaves the home sad. The community’s sympathy is cordially tendered. Many friends gathered at the funeral services on Monday at the house and to Crawford Cemetery. On Wednesday, 24th, at the home of Thomas Sergeant, Snow Road, brother in law of the bride, Maggie Thompson, Elphin, and James Love, Flower Station, were united in the bonds of holy matrimony.
           William Hawkins, aged 76 years, a respected citizen, formerly proprietor of the Victoria House, Pembroke, dropped dead on Main Street.
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