From The Perth Courier

November 18, 1904.

           These news items occupy a full column on Page 1. The information here does not appear in the Courier index, and is just a minuscule example of what researchers are missing because the paper has not been put into electronic format.
Dalhousie Council.
           Pursuant to adjournment the Council met on Friday, Oct. 28th, 1904, at ten o’clock a.m., all members being present. A letter was received from Mr. McOuatt, Lanark Township, stating that a milk stand on the road near John White‘s had frightened his horse and broke his buggy and asked the Council to pay him $4.50 for repairs on same. Notice was received from Marshal J. Jackson, stating that he had performed his statute labor in full although not under the direction of the pathmaster and asked to be relieved of same. John Storie applied to have three culverts put in at lot 9 con. 3, Dalhousie, and to have the road raised as it overflows during the spring freshet. Moved by Messrs. Jackson and Currie, that Mr. Storie put in three culverts at said lot and send in account. — Carried. James White, sr., applied to have a winter road brushed at John Craig‘s or to have the road widened to stop the drift during the winter season. Moved by Messrs. Dunlop and Wilson that Messrs. Jackson and Currie see Mr. Craig regarding the moving of his fence and try and make arrangements for a winter road. — Carried. John Gemmill tendered his resignation as pathmaster. Alex. McDougall applied for a grant to gravel Wilson‘s swamp on the 3rd. con. North Sherbrooke. G.W. White applied for a grant to brush out the road at lot 22 con. 3, Dalhousie. Moved by Messrs. Dunlop and Jackson, that Mr. White be granted $4.00 to brush out same. — Carried. Moved by Messrs. Wilson and Jackson, that a grant of $75.00 be made to complete the fill at bridge foot of Dalhousie Lake, providing men can be procured at 10¢ per hour and that Mr. Dunlop be appointed a commissioner to oversee the same. — Carried. On motion of Messrs. Jackson and Dunlop, that orders be granted on the treasurer in favor of the following persons, viz.: Charles Stewart, $2.50 for repairing washout; Patrick Fife, $2.50, for repairing road scraper and spikes for bridge; Andrew Park, $1.20, for repairing washout; James A. Paul, $4.00, grant to repair in division; W.J. Wrathall, 60¢, for repairing crowbar and scraper; Jas. Smith, $3.55, for gravel and drawing cedar from Dalhousie Lake; Alexander Duncan, $3.00, for repairs on Balfour’s bridge; Hugh McLean, $3.00, for repairing road in Mrs. R. Duncan‘s; D.F. Ferguson, $4.00, for repairing washout; Malcolm McIntyre, $1.60, for spikes for bridge on Highland Line; James C. Paul, 55¢, for repairs on scraper and cedar for culvert; Stewart McDougall, $3.00, for cedar for culvert; Peter Anderson, $1.90, balance on timber for culvert; G.W. White, $1.50, for selecting jurors. The Council adjourned to meet on Thursday, the 15th of December, 1904, at ten o’clock a.m.
Dalhousie Lake, Oct. 31st, 1904.
  • Westport’s annual poultry fair will be held on November 22nd. Thanksgiving Day in United States is fixed for Thursday, November 24. The Crown Bank has opened a branch in Kingston, with David Murray as manager. A good many of the cheese factories in this district have closed down for the season. Mr. Anthony Vallely has returned to Wahnapitne[?] after a month’s visit at his home in Lanark. The monthly pay roll at the new lighthouse depot at Prescott is $5,000 or $60,000 a year. Mr. G.A. Morrison, of Smith’s Falls, has sold out his livery business to T. Preston, of Portland. Rev. Wm. McDonald, of Mountain, has accepted a call to the united Lanark Village Presbyterian Church. Owing to the ice in the Rideau River, the Rideau King was only able to go as far as Burritt’s Rapids on her way down last Monday. The customs revenue for the Dominion for October was $3,652,126. This is the largest for any one month in the history of the country. Miss Nellie Sanderson, daughter of Rev. D.C. Sanderson, formerly of Kemptville, was married on Oct. 5th to Rufus E. Bean, of Milton, Oregon. Mr. Isherwood, of Almonte, father of Miss Irene Isherwood, bookkeeper for the John Gillies Estate Co., died on Friday, of paralysis, after a day’s illness. Messrs. Chas. Craig, of Brightside, Thomas and Lloyd Craig, and Michael and James O’Donnell, of Lanark, left last Tuesday for the Temagami district. The death of Robt. Hay, father of Rev. John Hay, of Renfrew, took place two weeks ago. The deceased was 87 years of age and lived in Lanark for a time when a young man. [Dr.?] Robert Tait McKenzie, a native of Almonte, Ont., who was one of the greatest athletes McGill University has ever turned out, has been appointed physical director of the University of Pennsylvania. The new General Hospital at Smith’s Falls is now passing through its final stages of completion. The rooms are now all furnished and in a very short time this splendid institution will be open for patients.