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More and more people worldwide want to connect to find their ancestors. At LCGS Genealogy Query Corners we encourage you to find others researching your ancestors, to work together to search for information on a surname or locality, and to share family history info with other users. Our corner also can be used as a place where you can ask for information from other researchers who may be tracing the same family lines. Writing a concise short paragraph that clearly defines your question will help readers understand what you want.

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Looking for information on the descendants of Thomas QUACKENBUSH Sr. who was born abt. 1836 in Drummond, Upper Canada. He was the oldest son of George QUACKENBUSH and Sarah PEEVERS. He married Mary HUBORD in 1856. They lived in Ramsay, Lanark County and were likely the parents of two sons and three daughters. Descendants lived in Leeds, New York, Michigan and elsewhere.
Also researching the Bulloch, Kerr, O’Regan, Sweet and Telefer families.

BOAGAndrew Boag (1792-1830) and family. Andrew was a Lanark Society Settler arriving on the Broke in 1820. Seeking any information about this family and related families. Andrew Boag arrived with his wife Mary Ann Lawson Boag (1798-1887) Children: John (1821-1901) married Flora Barr in 1850. Elizabeth (1823-1883), and Margaret (1828-1897) married Alexander Lawson (1822 Scotland-1887). Settled on Con 6 Lot 11 E in Lanark.Marianne Tripp Punshon
BRIGGSMy 4x great grandparents Stanley (AKA Sandy) Briggs, his wife (likely named Catherine) and their son Thomas set sail from Dublin on 10 May 1819 on the ship Columbia as emigrant settlers, heading for Perth Military Settlement. The family was settled on NE 1/2 Lot 11 Conc 8 Bathurst Township (McVeigh’s sawmill). Also on the same ship was the family of Thomas and Elizabeth [Faris] Gunness, (settled at Harper) including daughter Jane who would marry Thomas Briggs on 30 Aug 1824, Church of England, Perth. Jane Gunness and Thomas Briggs are my 3x great-grandparents. I have been researching the intermarried families of 1851 South Sherbrooke Township, where another set of 3x great grandparents settled 1830’s at Maberly: Thomas Hughes and Margaret [Livingstone]Jan Briggs-McGowan
CAMPBELL, SASH AND DOOR COMPANY (Lanark Village)I wonder if there is any resource available that has a history on the Sash and Door Factory (planning mill) that was in Lanark village at the corner of Owen and Georges, PRIOR to the fire of 1959. It is often referred to as the -Campbell Sash and Door company, and I know, through findings in the Perth Courier, that my ancestor Archibald Campbell erected such a mill. The mill would have been owned by Archibald, then son William Weir Campbell, then son-in-law Robert Lawson, and the son James Weir Campbell. Then sold to Archibald Affleck in 1888-89, then to John W. Stewart in 1897. Anyways, I am wondering if this mill in Lanark Village prior to 1959 was the same one or the site of the same one.Jason Campbell
DOYLEWhat would be Thomas Doyle‘s year and if possible, date of death? Was he buried in St. John the Baptist Church like his wife Mary Kelly (died May 23rd, 1879, buried May 25th, 1879)? Born about 1779 Wexford Ireland give or take a few years and died probably late 1869’s or 1870 (no longer on the census, 1871). Local Area: Drummond Township. 3rd Concession, lot # 17.Mike Doyle
I would love to find a picture of my great-great-grandmother, Ann Chambers Dunlop. Her husband is James Dunlop 1824-1897, Carleton Place
Belinda MacKinnon
I am a direct descendant of 2 “Lanark society” families: Francis and Janet Hamilton (Lesmahagow emigration society, 1820); and John and Elizabeth Leckie (Parkhead emigration society, 1821). Both families pioneered near McDonald’s Corners and became connected through the 1846 marriage of George Hamilton and Mary Leckie.
I have a background in history and librarianship and possess a keen interest in genealogy generally, and particularly concerning the 1820-1821 emigration society settlers, this interest is enlivened by my family connection. I also possess a limited edition, privately published book (400+ pages), The Leckie Clan 1778-1994, which may be of interest to some LCGS members. Largely through this book, but also through other readings and research, I already know a lot, but I’m keen to learn and share more from and with other like-minded people. The story of the Scottish emigration in particular never fails to fascinate.
Naturally enough, I suppose, I love all things Lanark Co. and it is a favourite day-trip destination.
JAMESI have come across a real stumbling block, and have looked at Family Tree Search, Ancestry and My Heritage, and cannot seem to find any mention of my GGGgrandmother – I do not even know her name. If you could direct me to where I may be looking This is what I have: Me, Father – Donald James GFather – Ephraim Wallace James (b.1910 d. 2001) GGfather – Enoch George James (b.1867 d.1951) GGGfather – George James (b.1827 d.1896 m. 1847) 5.1 Annie Harris b.1824 Ramsay Township Lanark, Ontario 5.1.1 her father was William Harris (b. 1790 d.1861 Ramsay Township ) 1861 Showing 5 daughters, 2 were born in Ireland, came over from Wexford Ireland 1817, had 3 daughters in Ontario Canada (Ramsay Township). It looks like 6 came over (husband/wife and 2 daughters, the other two could have been brothers or parents). Cannot find any mention of the wife. Can’t even find birth or baptism records for the three born in Ontario, let alone land grants etc.Kimberley James
KENNY and THOMPSONArthur Kenny b1802 – d1887 m. Barbara Ann Thompson b1814? – d1895 Arthur is a lock labour starting at Sly locks 1836 but maybe earlier. Poonamale locks, Edmonds lock and finished at Jones Falls in 1854 where he bought property beside brothers in Leeds. I am looking for any information about the Barbara Thompson family. Where they married and are there any records for their first five children born around the Smiths Falls area.Susan Sullivan
LANARK MILITIAI am interested in the formation, recruitment and role of the Lanark Militias formed in the early 1820s. How were the local militias formed, recruited, managed, trained and armed in the 1820s and 1830s? What was their role in relationship to the standing army? Would the closest regular army personnel have been based in Perth?Marianne Tripp Punshon
LAWSONJohn Lawson (1775-1869) and family. John was a Lanark Society Settler arriving on the Broke in 1820. Seeking any information about this family and related families. Family members are wife Elizabeth Somerville (1779-1850) and children Mary Ann Lawson Boag (1798-1887) James (1799- 1889) Jennette (1803-1883) Robert (1806-1892) Bella (1815-1901) John (1816- 1903) and Peter (1819-1895). Bella (Elizabeth or Isabella) married John Robertson in 1863. Another son, Alexander (1822-1889) was born in Lanark. Local Area: Settled on Con 6 Lot 11 W in Lanark.Marianne Tripp Punshon
LETTSTo make contact with the family of Samuel Lett and I believe his wife was Agnes Creighton. One of the stories we had was that when Ralph and Eliza Lett came to Canada in 1847, they “captured” the smaller brother Thomas and brought him with them to Canada. By doing this they were sure their parents (Thomas and Eliza Lett) and the rest of the family would follow. Ralph and Eliza proceeded to York, now Toronto, but left Thomas with a “cousin” Samuel Lett in Lanark. When the rest of the family came in1849 they settled in the Eganville area and Ralph, Eliza and Thomas joined them there. So now I am trying to make a connection with the Samuel Lett family to find the family connection to Thomas Lett.May Prange
MCEWAN MCEWEN BRINDEL & BRINDLEI am looking for information on this family, specifically vital records if possible and or land contracts. Cannot find any on ancestry except the 1851 census who proved they lived there. At that time, they were probably pioneers. Local area: Carleton, Beckwith, DrummondIrene Ducharme
MCDOUGALLI’ve always had an interest in my family history, in particular the McDougall families of North Sherbrooke.Chris Crain
MCNICOLI am interested in finding out about my family’s heritage in Lanark county which includes the Mcnicol, the Machan and the SomervilleCindy McNicol
Hi there, I’m happy to share about my family. I connected with you all from 2010-12, and I’d like to reconnect. William Moore (born ca 1800 Ireland) and Winnifred Stephens of Maberly, Ontario (South Sherbrooke / Lanark South) had Thomas Moore (Reeve of South Sherbrooke) who married Margaret Chambers. I have a picture of Winnifred Moore sent from a cousin in the U.S., but so far no definitive birth records or date from Ireland or picture for Thomas Moore their son, even though he was greatly involved in politics, as Reeve, according to the Perth Courier, on the death of his son William E. Moore in 1891.
Another mystery is Thomas Moore, who died 04 Jan 1887, was apparently buried on the same day as his brother John Moore (who died 4 days apart, 30 Dec 1886) but Thomas and his wife are nowhere to be found. John is buried at Laidley Cemetery in Maberly. More info on my family history can be found at my website under Moore and related Lanark names: http://www.thatsrelative.com Happy to share whatever photos and a letter I have with Thomas’s signature and many of others who petitioned to protect a chapel on his father William’s land in the 1850s. I’d like to visit the local archives and museum this summer. That’s it for now
Krista Moore
MURRAYSeeking information on immigration to Canada as well as parents of David Murray birth 1798. Born 1798 Perth, Scotland; Death 1868 Perth, Ontario and Married to Catherine Stewart.Angela Murray
O’BRIEN (BRIEN) (CRAIG) (KEMPHow did Janet O’Brien (later Brien, then Craig then Kemp) get from Lanark to Winnipeg, Manitoba by1878? Background: In later life, she went by the name Janet Craig Kemp. Janet was born Janet O’Brien in Hopetown, on 11 March 1864, to parents George and Martha (Dunn) O’Brien. She eventually dropped the O from her name but lived (as a servant) for a while with a Craig family (at Middleville?) after her father’s death in September 1869. Later she adopted the Craig name. By 1878 she somehow moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Perhaps there was (Craig) family there? In Winnipeg, by 1988 or 89, she married William Andrew Kemp, then moved to Vancouver, BC. She died in Nanaimo, BC on 16 January 1960. Much of this information came from Max Sutherland. He later may have discovered how Janet got to Winnipeg. Perhaps his book mentions that. I know most of her life history after Winnipeg, but anything else would be welcome.Fred Gregory
PORTEOUS (PORTIEOUS), BLACK, ALLAN, NEILSON, KELLOCK CORRYResearching: Scotland/England/Ireland to Ontario, then to Manitoba, more details and additional non-Lanark names at https://porteousassociates.wordpress.com/inlaws-htm or https://porteousassociates.wordpress.com/our-family-history Local area: 19th Century – Bathurst & South Sherbrooke Township plus nearby locationsPatricia Allan
RITCHIESeeking information regarding the family of Samuel Ritchie (1824-1914) and Phoebe Eliza Blanchard (1831-1900). They were apparently married in 1852, she had resided in New York, but the couple settled in St. Joseph, Berrien Co, Michigan, USA. Unknown whether Phoebe was born in Canada or how this couple met. Samuel ran a sawmill in Michigan. Samuel was the second eldest son of John Ritchie Jr (1793-1864) and Mary Blair Wilson (1796-1857) of Lot 10 Con 1, Bathurst Twp (Scotch Line). Time range 1824-1914Carol Ritchie
RITCHIESeeking photographs of children of John Ritchie (1793-1864) and Mary Blair Wilson (1796-1857). This couple married Nov 7, 1820 and resided Lot 10 Con 1 Bathurst Twp. Lanark Co. Eleven children survived to adulthood. Samuel Ritchie (1824-1914) md to Phoebe Eliza Blanchard — moved to US about 1851, settled in Michigan Janet Ritchie (unmarried) (1827-1880); Jane Ritchie (1828-1859) md Joseph White; Wm Ritchie (unmarried) (1829-1862); George Ritchie (1832-1895) md Jessie Nichol, Bathurst Twp.; Robert Ritchie (1833-1888) md Mary Mason Miller, Bathurst Twp.; Susan Ritchie (1837-1890) md John Menzies (brother of her sister-in-law Jane Menzies), Bathurst Twp. I have photos of the other four children and am willing to share. Mary Ritchie (b 1821) md to John Campbell, Proton Twp, Grey County; John Ritchie Jr. (1823-1906) md to Jane Menzies, S. Sherbrooke Twp; James Ritchie (1835-1911) md to Eliza Byers (my great-grandparents), Bromley Twp, Renfrew County; and Anne Ritchie (1840-1884) md to Wm. Hendry of Brockville Ontario Local Area: Bathurst TownshipCarol Ritchie
STRETCH/NAPIER1832-1868? Darling Township . I am seeking information about my 2ggmother, Frances or Fanny Stretch, born at or near Kingston 28 January 1832, daughter of John Stretch and Mary Cook; married Andrew James Napier 1828-1898 on 24 January 1851; I have records of 9 children: Mary (William Shane/Andrew Jenkins) 1852-1922; Catherine (John Elliott) 1855-1917; John (Jane Camelon) 1865-1918; Andrew 1859-?; Thomas (Euphemia “Famie” Wark) 1860-1949 (my ggparents); Fannie (William Camelon) 1862-1915; William (Sarah Ann “Annie” Camelon) 1864-1955; David (Christena Ferguson) 1866-1915; and Richard (Amy Jane Scott) 1868-1927. It appears Fanny may have died giving birth to Richard but that is one of the things I would like to verify; he ended up with her parents in Minnesota while the others apparently remained in Canada, at least until they were adults—Fannie and William died in Minnesota. John, Fannie and William were all married to their step-siblings, children of their step-mother Sarah Pretty Camelon Napier (my double 2ggaunt).John Morrow
THOMPSONTracing Alexander Thompson family settled Drummond about 1822 from Scotland. Son Alexander was born in 1830 in Drummond. Alexander the son’s mother was Janet on his birth record.Patricia Wood
TYZACK (TYSICK)On your website, you have a record: -Naval Artillery. Tysick, Joseph, married, England, 2 children, served 4 yrs. Got N.E. ½ 8 in 5th. Bathurst, in 1817, which had been formerly granted to one of Glengarry Fencibles. Then you refer to my Tesco website which expired years ago. Please refer to “Tysick.htm” instead. http://www.tyzack.net/ Local Area: Bathurst 1817Don Tyzack
WARDSeeking information about Elizabeth Ward, 2nd child of Patrick Ward and Anne Keating, Concession 1, Lot 7, Drummond Township. Unknown marriage/death/burial dates & places. Also seeking contact from any descendants. Birth – 1828, unknown death date. Local Area: Concession 1, Lot 7, Drummond Township https://freepages.rootsweb.com/~jimward52/genealogy/ward.htmJim Ward
WARD (2)Seeking information – death dates and burial location(s), Edward Ward & wife Anastasia Molloy plus any children. Arrived 1824. They owned land kitty-corner to son Patrick, Concession 2, Lot 6 and next to Concession 1, Lot 8P. They also owned Concession 1, Lot 26P, in Montague Township & sold it to (son?) Thomas Ward in 1843. Also seeking contact from any descendants, Edward Ward & Anastasia Molloy both born in Ireland in about 1873, arrival in Lanark County in 1824. Edward died sometime after 1843. No death/location. Local Area: Drummond Township and Montague Township https://freepages.rootsweb.com/~jimward52/genealogy/ward.htmJim Ward
WARNOCK, CAMPBELL, RANGER, McCULLOCH, FERGUSON, WHITE I am interested in Warnock, Campbell, Ranger, McCulloch, Ferguson, White families from Fallbrook, Elphin & McDonalds Corners and Maberly areaShirley McCulloch

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