Lanark County Genealogical Society’s mission is to foster the study of genealogy and promote the preservation of family histories, historic documents, records, artifacts, building architecture and other materials that will support the conservation of and research into the history of Lanark County Ontario and the Town of Smiths Falls.

Purpose of the Society

To bring together, in a friendly atmosphere, those people interested in the preservation of Lanark County Ontario cultural heritage and diverse families chronicles, and to research collate, author, retain and preserve and present historical data pertaining to the region.

Specific Aims and Objectives

  • To encourage the preservation of the heritage of Lanark County by publishing materials, by holding public meetings, lectures and exhibitions and by undertaking information sharing, publicity and public information programs.
  • Operate a Genealogy Resource Centre for reference books and other published material pertaining to Lanark County families, display history artifacts and promote knowledge about the history of Lanark County Ontario and its people.


We value the contributions of all people: The organization believes that one’s work makes a contribution, fosters opportunities to learn from one another and allows growth through shared experiences.

We value the beauty of history: The organization believes that the study of family history and historical heritage gives richer perspective on life, inspires and fascinates through its stories of peoples and times past.

We value the historian and students: The organization believes Historians are committed to protecting significant historical evidence wherever it resides and that a Student’s discovery, exchange, interpretation, and presentation of research information contributes to his or her well-being, growth, and success.

We value the pursuit of excellence: The organization believes that the practice of striving for one’s best in all facets of life unite us with one another, our members, volunteers and partners; and fuels our commitment to preserve Lanark County’s historical heritage for present and future generations

We value commitment: The organization believes that commitment to our idea that genealogy is a field worthy of pursuit. The preservation of original records, collections, artifacts and excellent customer service will attract users assuring that the Lanark County past remains active and in the present local history.


EDUCATE: Provide help and educational aid to researchers, preserve records, and disseminate information. Teach interest persons the use of reference materials and alternative research sources in preparation to publish their own genealogical materials and family lineages.

SUPPORT: the collections and services of the organization by acquiring materials and publications which are of value for the use of the public (books, periodicals, pamphlets, and genealogy collections; i.e., CD’s, booklets on family histories/genealogy).

PRESERVE: Research, collect, document and preserve genealogical and related local historical data on the life styles and families of the indigenous inhabitants before the arrival of the Europeans to Lanark County, the early settlers and those who made and call Lanark County Ontario their home. Continue compiling and indexing the local obituaries, recording local cemeteries, creating digitized documents and publishing researched findings.

PROMOTE: the study of genealogy and genealogical research and encourage you to discover of the history of your family, our Lanark County neighbourhood, or places in Ontario and across Canada

~~President and Board of Directors, Lanark County Genealogical Society~~  2018

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