The Lanark County Genealogical Society’s mission is to foster the study of genealogy and promote the preservation, and conservation of a wide variety of resources. This helps offer a bridge between the past and the future of Lanark County, Ontario and the Town of Smiths Falls, helping preserve their documentary and cultural heritage and make it accessible to the public and professionals.

Purpose of the Society

To bring together, in a friendly atmosphere, those people interested in the preservation of Lanark County Ontario cultural heritage and diverse families’ chronicles, and to research collate, author, retain, preserve, and present historical data pertaining to the region.

Specific Aims and Objectives

  • Operate a Genealogy Resource Centre for reference books and other published material pertaining to Lanark County families, display historical artifacts and promote knowledge about the history of Lanark County Ontario and its people.
  • To encourage the preservation of the heritage of Lanark County by publishing materials, by holding public meetings, lectures and exhibitions and undertaking information sharing, publicity, and public information programs.


We value the contributions of all people: The organization believes that one’s work makes a contribution, fosters opportunities to learn from one another and allows growth through shared experiences.

We value the beauty of history: The organization believes that the study of family history and historical heritage gives a richer perspective on life, inspires, and fascinates through its stories of peoples and times past.

We value the historian and students: The organization believes Historians are committed to protecting significant historical evidence wherever it resides and that a Student’s discovery, exchange, interpretation, and presentation of research information contributes to his or her well-being, growth, and success.

We value the pursuit of excellence: The organization believes that the practice of striving for one’s best in all facets of life unite us with one another, our members, volunteers, and partners; and fuels our commitment to preserve Lanark County’s historical heritage for present and future generations

We value commitment: The organization believes that commitment to our idea that genealogy is a field worthy of pursuit. The preservation of original records, collections, artifacts, and excellent customer service will attract users assuring that the Lanark County past remains active and in the present local history.


EDUCATE: Provide help and educational aid to researchers, preserve records, and disseminate information. Teach interested people the use of reference materials and alternative research sources in preparation to publish their own genealogical materials and family lineages.

SUPPORT: the collections and services of the organization by acquiring materials and publications which are of value for the use of the public (books, periodicals, pamphlets, and genealogy collections, i.e., CD’s, booklets on family histories/genealogy).

PRESERVE: Research, collect, document, and preserve genealogical and related local historical data on the lifestyles and families of the indigenous inhabitants before the arrival of the Europeans to Lanark County, the early settlers and those who made and call Lanark County Ontario their home. Continue compiling and indexing the local obituaries, recording local cemeteries, creating digitized documents, and publishing researched findings.

PROMOTE: the study of genealogy and genealogical research and encourage you to discover of the history of your family, our Lanark County neighbourhood, or places in Ontario and across Canada

~~President and Board of Directors, Lanark County Genealogical Society~~  2022

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  1. John Jerry Marks of the Marks Family from Christie Lake was my great-grandfather. My Mom is one of his youngest living granddaughter ‘s. I’ve been looking for information on his side of the family. I never imagined that they were such a well known family ! John Jerry moved away from Perth to British Columbia for Gold Mining. That’s where he married ( 2nd. time ? ) he had 3 children. His youngest daughter Alice Olivia Marks was my grandma. Alice youngest daughter Doris is my Mom. My Mom is now 78 yrs. old and was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. My Mom has told me that her grandma ( John Jerry’s wife from Hedley, B.C. ) that John Jerry was a quiet man and that he didn’t really talk very much. He did work with the Family business. But usually stayed around his parents large farm to help them. When I found and read about the Marks Family Vaudeville shows…I was floored. I read to my Mom over the phone what I had uncovered. To say that she’s excited might be a slight understatement !!
    If there is anyone whom might have any more history on the Marks Family parents when they settled Christie Lake, Pictures of any family members or any pictures of the old farmsteads ?? The Marks family in and around town ? Anything ??? I would be so beyond grateful !!
    Are there perhaps any remaining descendants of the Marks Family still in and around the Christie Lake and or Perth locations ?
    I am hoping to be able to take this info. to my Mom in person and or send it too her !!
    All my Mom was ever told that his brothers had a vaudeville show and thats it. I hoping and praying that I can share a part of her unknown family history with her that’s been such a big family mystery !!
    Heartfelt thanks !!!
    Elizabeth Salazar

    1. Hello Elizabeth,
      I have sent your brief forward to out team of Researchers who will be in contact with you directly.
      I recall an article on the Marks Brothers with photos in one of our postings to our Facebook Page or a write-up in our Newsletter.
      Thank you for your inquiry and brief family history.
      Jayne Munro-Ouimet
      Lanark County Genealogical Society

    2. The Marks family came originally from Ireland. Thomas Marks had migraged to Canada with his wife, Margaret Farrell (a cousin of Lord Mount Stephen, pioneer Canadian business leader) and settled at Christie Lake, near Perth. Thomas Marks has been described in newspaper stories about the family as being the strongest man in that part of the country at the time, a tall man of six feet one inch who hewed his home out of the virgin forest. Thomas and Margaret had nine children, seven sons — Robert, McIntyre (Mac), John, Joe, Tom, Ernie, and Alex, and two daughters — Nellie and Olivia

      How this family of farm boys got started in the theatrical business was told by Robert Marks, who has been credited with being the instigator of the theatrical venture. In an interview, Robert Marks said that he had visited a show in the village of Maberly one night and became so interested that he tried for a job with the traveling troupers. When he offered to buy an interest in the show he was accepted.

      He borrowed his father’s democrat and horses and started off for a tour of nearby villages where the Marks family was pretty well known. A shrewd businessman at 19, Robert Marks made money right from the start and within a year had control of the traveling company. Within a year’s time Robert had enticed his other brothers, all of who had varied talent in the entertainment field which had been developed through appearances in amateur productions in their own neighborhood, into the business. Thus was born a theatrical enterprise that was to operate for nearly half a century and become a household word all through cities, towns and villages of Eastern Ontario and some parts of Quebec.

      The seven Marks Brothers after a brief break-in period split up the enterprise so that it provided them one to five traveling stock companies on the road at one time. A Marks company headed by one of the famous brothers would tour through a certain section stopping a week in the larger towns and presenting a different play each night. Versatile artists, the players also presented vaudeville acts between regular acts of the play. It was popular entertainmnent dished up at prices of 10, 20 and 30 cents, or in later days at 25 and 35 cents.

      This is from Charlotte Schroeder.

  2. Hi, I believe I am related to John Lummax and family who came to Beckwith on the Brig Maria in 1821 from Ireland and was given land there. My ancestor Henry Lummax didn’t actually go to Beckwith but joined the Army in County Carlow and subsequently died in India in 1826, but I believe John Lummax was his father. I have seen mention of a will passing the land on to Thomas Lummax and others in c 1839 I think it was, or thereabouts, and would be grateful for information of how I might find a will from this period of time. It could be that John didn’t know his son Henry had died. Henry’s wife was Ann or Mary Ann…..
    Many thanks for any help/advice……Hilary

  3. I was reading one of the stories. In a newspaper article there was a town of Watkins Corner. Is this place in the area? Would there be records anywhere? Just prior to the US civil war, one of my ancestors in New York was married to a man who then deserted her and went to Watkins Corner. She later in life made a deposition that she had received notification of this death and attended the funeral. However, we had not been able to locate the place to seek death records. I’m hoping this might be our ‘finding the needle in the haystack’ moment. Can you give me a hint of where to look for this information?

    1. Hello Elaine, Lanark County Ontario has a village of Watson Corner’s. It was formerly known as Granny Comming’s Corners.

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