Lanark County Genealogy Society

President’s Message 2016 Closing Remarks

A Year in Review- 2016

It has been a busy and amazing 2016 for LCGS and I would like to share a few highlights on what we have accomplished thus far.

We can say “LCGS had a great year”, but our success is really measured in how well we support our projects, users and our contributions to preserving Lanark County Heritage and Genealogies for generations to come.

Our monthly meeting guest speakers, with their varied topics, resulted in interesting meetings and a gain in knowledge on the endeavors of our forefathers.  They introduced to the new generations, the need for hard work, the art of bartering and trade, skilled labour, festive food tables, family values and fun that make us Lanark County folks unique and with a language of our own.  Ehhhh!

Our volunteers, Shirley Sommerville, Helen Benda and Walter Brown provided excellent hands-on training and direct user support to the 100+ researchers that frequented our Genealogy Resource Centre in the Heritage House Museum at Smith Falls.  We thank you.

Many folks of the county and visitors to the area took advantage of the various learning opportunities as our special events committee experienced new ventures in promoting our Society through active community event participation.

Throughout the year this committee of volunteers could be found exchanging historical facts and stories at our displays in Perth, Carleton Place, Maberly, Glen Tay, Smiths Falls, Almonte, Beckwith and Lanark Highlands.

Our volunteer participation at Pioneer Days, the Kilt Run, Expos and fairs, Harvest Feast, Heritage Symposiums, Genealogy Conferences and Community Speakers Series brings a much needed exposure and the opportunity to promote our Society.

One thing I learn while studying Conference Management & Event Planning at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is that every event and every day brings something new. So get out there and enjoy what you do.  I know I do! Preserving Lanark County heritage is my passion and moving back to Lanark County just fit in.

Our special event, Perth Heritage Bus Tour, and the many hours of research, planning, marketing and follow-up provided additional exposure of our Society to the county council members and their organizational structured teams on the need for preserving our County heritage and that our Society has a positive effect on the Heritage and Tourism industries. It is to Karen Prytula, Sylvia Pék, Janet & Brain Dowdall, Linda Secasspina, Steve Yaver and Frances Rathwell that we owe our thanks.

It is through the dedicated efforts of Helen Benda, Shirley Somerville, Walter Brown, Ron Lyons and the Heritage House Museum staff that the Genealogy Resource Centre continues to flourish. We have impressed the County and Regional Councillors!

Our eldest, Archives Lanark has moved out and on-word to new experiences in life. As I gaze through the crystal ball I see a successful future and a short message-Remember the doors to home are always open.

The society continues grow at a rapid pace.  Our student Janelle Richardson from Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute, contributions to one of our upcoming Publications “Notable Folks of Lanark County” has gained her the required community service contributions for her High School Diploma.  It is my wish and that of all our members that Janelle’s interest in furthering her career by joining the bachelor of Arts in history program at Trent University is successful. LCGS will be quite interested in learning more on your archives management, or museum studies successes and your offer to continuing researching Lanark County Notable folks is one that I as project leader cannot pass up.

Thank you to the 2016 Boards Officers and Directors for their efforts over the past year and who provided more than 3725 hours of service in 2016.  They are: Janet Dowdall (Past President and Corporate Secretary), Frances Rathwell (Treasurer), Don Cooper (Director), Frances Cooper (Director) Karen Prytula (Director), Shirley Somerville (Director) a John Morrow (Vice President) and Councilor Brian Dowdall (Advisor and Beckwith Township Heritage Committee liaison to the President).

The upcoming year will continue to be busy. Already the wheels are turning as the volunteer team plans the Sept 9th, 2017 Heritage Tour in Beckwith Township.  There will be other opportunities throughout the county as the word is out there LCGS can put on quite a display.

The election of the 2017-2018 Board of  Directors takes place this afternoon and my current term of office has come to a close I thank you for the opportunity to service as your President and to give back to the county that no matter where my life roads take me—will always be my home.